#Lockheed U-2 #Flight – 70,000ft (2 Seat TU-2 #Trainer – #space #tourism)

First Important Note:
The music is called “Flight” performed by Ty Unwin especially for this show.
I’m sad to say that it is not currently available on its own.
Check out
For clips from the training as well as some alternative scenes from the flight.

Surely the most amazing and humbling views to be seen by any human on a regular basis. The view from a U-2 cruising at 70,000ft as the sky above turns black and the curvature of the Earth is visible.
Despite first flying over 50 years ago, the U-2 continues to serve in the USAF, having outlasted its Mach 3 replacement, the SR-71 (also from Lockheed).

The only people to have gone gone higher on any sort of regular basis were SR-71 pilots.
Astronautics have, of course, gone higher still, but certainly not on a regular basis.

There is a special message at the end of the video that I hope can be taken to heart by all.

~ per Àngel Hormigo a 28 Agost 2011.

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