#Luxury: Le #Royal #Monceau – #Raffles #Paris

Le Royal Monceau is a project which has made real a dream of creating somewhere different: somewhere nourished with its own history and vibrations, as well as with Paris; a sentimental space woven from encounters, sensations and emotions, inhabited by the French spirit, impregnated with culture, and dedicated to the sole genuine elegance: that of the heart.

It all started with the desire to remodel the classic codes of luxury hotels and so project them into a new dimension. But the project also derives from an affirmation of a slightly insane, infinitely poetic determination to break with custom, to steer clear of the apparently inevitable, to welcome the unusual, and to declare a tenderness for panache and impertinence, for fantasy and excess, while still cherishing rigour and perfection.

This desire embodies a je ne sais quoi, a spirit that some have called the French Revolution, others the French Touch, a happy synthesis of movements and influences, of grace and authenticity, of fidelity and critical acumen. As a luxury hotel from the roaring Twenties, a rendezvous for artists and writers, as well as for gentlemen and adventurers, Le Royal Monceau has always embodied “Parisian elegance” in all of its spontaneity, culture and sagacity. It still remains a rendezvous for those who are not afraid of their own era and instead provoke improbable encounters, those who savour “lost time”, the white magic of unexpected moments and that sweet melancholy which seizes us as soon as we leave behind the helter-skelter of our daily existences.

In the words of Philippe Starck, who has entirely re-imagined Le Royal Monceau: “a hotel is intrinsically pointless, it is just a shelter for people, who deserve our attention, generosity and consideration”. It is for this reason that art and culture, beauty and creation have been given a presence which is so original, dominant and genuine…



~ per Àngel Hormigo a 7 Novembre 2011.

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