#Digital #Death – What Happens #Online When You #Die

What Happens Online When You Die Blogazine: http://www.lifeinsurancefinder.com.au/infographics/what-happens-online-when-y…

Every day we are filling the Internet with portions of our lives. The data of every status update, blog post, image, video and email is floating around the internet. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that data once we pass?


What Happens Online When You Die?

Lets say you represent an average person on this globe.

There is an 11% chance that you have a Facebook account.
With this account you share 450 pieces of content each year including 114 photos. That is 29 traditional photo albums in your entire life.

In your lifetime you will have spent 23 minutes a day on Twitter and have sent 15,795 tweets. You will have checked in on Foursquare 563 times, uploaded 196 hours of video on Youtube

Currently 70% of the online population are using social networks. And this number is still growing. The one thing that the 1.1 billion people currently on social networks have in common is that they are all going to die.

In fact Three FB users die every minute, at that rate… A total of 1.78 million FB users died in 2011.

Do you know what happens to your digital life when you die?

Gmail can send your next of kin all your emails and contacts on request. And so can Hotmail. Twitter can give your next of kin a copy of all your public tweets.

Do you have any digital dirty laundry you should be worried about?

All the data you have stored in the cloud belongs to the individual platform provider and they might use it.. one day to resurrect your digital self or perhaps even create a living clone or hologram of you that could interact with future generations..

Personality predictors already exist such as ‘that can be my next tweet’ and ‘Hunch’ that can make certain predictions based on your social media data.

With Life Naut you can build a mind file of almost your entire life experience. .

Where do you see your digital self in 100 years?

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~ per Àngel Hormigo a 25 gener 2012.

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